Intertráfego TIR, Lda Identified as constraints the existence of major difficulties in the organization and coordination of the company's activity, resulting from the combination of the progressive increase of the company's turnover, the conquest of a larger number of clients, an increase in the number of projects and complexity, the increase in interrelationships with suppliers and partners and the growth of the human resources structure, concluding, as such, by the need to reinforce the company's management capabilities in these areas. At the moment the resources are often in our customer service, it is essential to properly manage and monitor the services in a totality of available information. At a time when resources are often in service to customers, dispersed in spatial terms, it is essential for proper management and monitoring of ongoing services that all the information is easily integrated and available.

In this context, we intend to acquire specialized consulting services for the development and implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The project includes the definition, configuration and implementation of a customer relationship model and strategy that includes a set of support tools such as virtual relationship channels and point of sale terminals that combine a set of processes and modules in the following essential areas: - Planning - rigorous activity plan with identification of all critical points of relationship and workflow structure; - Relational Marketing - Identify, segment, interact, configure through loyalty programs, with clear identification and construction of consumer profiles; - eCRM solutions - automating routine tasks, structuring the customer relationship, Processing of transactional information, etc. - Integration with other channels of communication - telephone / mobile devices, fax, personal contact, letter, etc. - Improving access to information and communication technologies, as well as their use and quality.

Principais objetivos do projeto:
- Improving access to information and communication technologies, as well as their use and quality.

Investment: 19.800€

Co-financed by:

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